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Canoeing in Denmark

Canoeing on Skanderborg lakes and Taaning creek is a first class experience.

Skanderborg lake is the 2nd largest in Jutland and via Taaning creek and Mossø (the largest lake in Jutland) it is a part of the river Guden system.

In the coves and on the capes you experience a very varied nature, from woods over cornfields to the meadows, where cows are grassing and every now and then jumps into the water to drink.

On a long stretch you sail along the town of Skanderborg and sees it from its most beautiful side.




If you prefer more smooth water, a trip into Taaning creek is recommandable. This is the essence of canoeing. The creek winds gentle through a beautiful landscape and if you have the luck, you might see both kingfisher and otters here. Motor sailing is prohibited, so all traffic goes peacefully and by own force.

By Fuldbro Mølle the creek goes under a road and through a sluice, so the tour stops here. The creek is approx. 4 km long, so the trip back and forward is easily done in half a day.




Skanderborg Sø Camping rent out canoes with lifejackets to our guests. You are welcome to bring your own canoes and kayaks when you accommodate on the camp site.

Are you experienced in canoeing, Skanderborg Sø Camping is a good starting point for a trip along the river Guden in you own boat. You need at least one night stay at the camp site to park you car here during your tour, and it is easy to go back to Skanderborg by train from your ending point.