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Vissen in Denemarken

Angling in the lakes of Skanderborg situated in the Danish Lake District, is varied with good-sized predatory fish and numerous non-predatory fish.

The stock of zander is one of the best in Denmark. Most of them with a weight of 1 - 3 kg, but is is not unusual to catch zander of 5 -6 kg and fish of 10 - 12 kg has also been caught in the lakes.

The best catches during the summer is made with natural bait from a boat, while in the spring and auturm good catches often can be made in shallow water.

The zander is protected in the period May 01st - 31st. Minimum size is 50,0 cm.

The population of pike is really good and has improved over the last few years.




Pike of 6 -7 kg caught from the shore is not unusual. From boat the record is 12 kg.

The best catches from the shore in made in spring and auturm, while during the summer it is best to angle from a boat.

Pike is protected in the period April 01st - 30th. Minimum size is 40,0 cm.

For both zander and pike it is requested, if possible, to put the fish out again. It is only allowed to take one zander home per fishing day. You can freeze your catches for free at the camp site

There are many and large perch in the Skanderborg Lakes. The  best catches are made on the lake bottom or in shallow water. If you encounter a shoal of perch you will enjoy some thoroughly exciting fishing.

After some years with poor fishing for bream and roach, it has now turned for the better. Big fish of both species can now be caught and bream of 2 -3 kg are not unusual. All kind of natural bait is allowed.

You are allowed to use 2 rods and prebait with max. 0,5 kg per angler per day.




There are a lot of good fishing places around Skanderborg lakes, most of them with an easy access. If you accommodate at Skanderborg Sø Camping, you may fish for free from our jetties.

You can rent rowing boats at the site and you are welcome to bring you own small motor. It is also allowed to bring your own small boat, and place it by out jetties for free.

The national fishing license is required for persons between 18 - 65 yrs. It can be bought at fisketegn.dk If you are above 18 yrs. and angle outside the camp site area, you also need a local license, which can be issued at the site.

There are more nice put and takes in the environs. It is possible to fly fishing in the river Guden and if you like sea fishing it is possible just 25 km from the camp site.